Language to Provide for Students


Commenting on Language: What language should I provide for students?

If the student writes:  The problem is:
The children will increase if they eat too much. Vocabulary/Word Choice: The student has the right idea, but the wrong word.

He was head above heels in love.

Idiomatic Language: Idiomatic language and structures can be very difficult to understand and use, and easy to get wrong.

I see reason for his disappointment.

Articles (a/an/the): Articles can be quite difficult to master, with many uses that are difficult to explain or understand, such as why one might choose "a," "the," or no
article in the example. When the use is nuanced, it is hard for an NNS student to make the correct choice.

1) I like the boy have a red bike.

2) He put the sweater.

Sentence Structure: Using a noun as both the object of one clause and the subject of another (1), or using an incomplete phrasal verb (2) are both common errors.

He’s of the U.S.

Prepositions: Prepositions are notoriously hard to master, even for NNS who have been in the US for most of their lives.