Additional Resources

In this section there are resources from within the University of Minnesota as well as outside sources to help instructors work with students to understand plagiarism and its consequences. The Office of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity, in particular, has a number of useful tools that explain what plagiarism is, how to promote academic integrity, and what to do when plagiarism is found in a student's work.

Resources for Instructors:

OSCAI's Responding to Scholastic Dishonesty

OSCAI's Promoting Academic Integrity

OSCAI's Academic Dishonesty Sanctioning Guidelines

Center for Writing Resources

Determining a Text's Difficulty Level (tool: Flesch-Kincaid)

Resources to Use with Students:

Plagiarism powerpoint (by Kit Hansen, Writing Studies) 

OSCAI's "Avoiding Scholastic Dishonesty" (for students)

OSCAI's Case Studies to Discuss Plagiarism with Students

OSCAI's "Academic Integrity Matters" Program